Early 17th century steel mounted strong box table cabinet

A steel-mounted strong box table cabinet, circa 1600.

W: 17’’ (43.5cm)
D: 12’’ (30cm)
H: 10 1/2’’ (27cm)

BHA 1195

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A steel-mounted strong box table cabinet, circa 1600.

Continental, probably French.

An ornately engraved antique steel-bound rectangular strong box, with front opening doors revealing numerous fitted drawers, concealing two secret compartments. With reserves of ”cuir bouilli” or moulded boiled leather, and later engravings depicting an aristocratic lady and gentleman. With its original side carrying handles.

Difficult to date with more certainty than ca 1550-1650.


Boiled leather – Wikipedia

Boiled leather, often referred to by its French translation, cuir bouilli, was a historical material with various uses common in the Middle Ages and Early Modern period, such as elaborate strongboxes & missal boxes.