Large Antique Gilt Bronze Buddha

Large Antique Gilt Bronze Buddha Ratanakhosin period (founded in 1792).

Height: 30″
Width: 20″
Depth: 12″
Ca.: 19th century

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Large Antique Gilt Bronze Buddha. Ratanakhosin period (founded in 1792).

This large beautifully cast bronze would originally have been seated on a multi-tiered integral pedestal most probably bordered by lotus flowers. The Buddha is in ‘Bhumisparsha’ – ‘Touching the Earth’ or ‘Earth Witness’, full lotus seated position.

His right hand is hanging over the right knee with palm inwards ‘Touching the Earth’, the left hand is resting on his lap, palm up. The detachable ‘Ushnisha’ is of the period and appears to be original to this bronze.

NB. Some gilding rubbed and some minor losses, entirely compatible with an antique of this age.