Queen Anne period chinoiserie red, black and gold japanned mirror

A Queen Anne period chinoiserie polychrome japanned cushion framed mirror ca 1710.

H 25’’ (62 cm)
W 20 1/4’’ (52 cm)
D 1 1/2’’ (4 cm)

BHA 1141

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A Queen Anne period chinoiserie red, black and gold japanned mirror.

This rare and sophisticated early 18th century looking glass has japanned or ‘lacquer’ chinoiserie reserves of red, black and gold with scenes of rockwork and pagodas amongst foliage, bridges and trees. The beveled mirror plate has been replaced historically. Some minor losses entirely in keeping with its 300 years of age. A red ground is highly sought after, as is the good size of this antique mirror.

Vis. Ralph Edwards CBE FSA ’The Shorter Dictionary of English Furniture’, Hamlyn, London, Fourth Impression 1972, p. 354, fig. 13, for a mirror of similar design, but in black and gold, and surmounted by a crest, c 1685 (Hampton Court, Leominster).

A further example of ”Japanned wood with Oriental patterns… depicting birds, vases of flowers and floral meanders, c 1685” is in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, ‘English Looking-glasses, A Study of the Glass, Frames and Makers (1670-1820)’, Geoffrey Wills, Country Life Ltd, London, 1965, p.65, ill. 3.
Note another mirror ‘’decorated with japanning in Oriental patterns, c 1715 (Messrs Mallett & Sons Ltd)” [sic] p. 66, ill. 5.