Small Charles II Oyster Olive Wood Lace Box

Small Charles ll oyster olive wood lace box

W 13’’ (33 cm)
H 3 1/2’’ (9 cm)
D 10 1/2’’ (27 cm)

BHA 1220

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A Charles II period oyster veneered lace box of rare small size, ca 1685.

A late seventeenth century lace box inlaid with oyster olive wood and holly or sycamore bands. Of good rich colour and patina.


Percy Macquoid, ‘A History of English Furniture – The Age of Walnut’, London (1908) p. 126, fig. 269: ”Often made to be displayed on matching chests”. Traditionally referred to as a ‘lace box’ or ‘bible box’, but could equally serve a variety of functions today, such as a jewellery box.

Charles ll period (1630 – 1685)..