Objets d’art & other interesting finds

At Box House we have always concentrated on offering useful items of furniture whilst still holding a stock of unusual, miscellaneous, decorative items to complement your interior. At present we have a fine and rare English Regency cellarette or jardinière attributable to Thomas Hope (ca 1810) so please refer to this item on boxhouse-antiques.com for full details. Today these are much favoured as planters, or simply as sophisticated decoration for a dining room in particular. These also look great in a window recess. A further item on offer is a Charles ll walnut 'lace box' in lovely original state. Excellent to discreetly house your Havanas. You may also be attracted to our Prisoner of War model of a fully-rigged three-masted ship in a glass case. A much favoured 'conversation piece' dating from the 19th century, and quite rare to find one with its fragile rigging still intact. Occasional tray-top tables are a further useful and mobile addition to any room, and we are able to offer a good selection. Bear in mind not all are visible on boxhouse-antiques.com so don't hesitate to ask. Other items that come and go are hanging lanterns, and some sculptures, including an as-yet-unidentified marble head and shoulders of a Roman. These always look their best on a plinth in the corner of a room, library, entry or stairwell. We would be delighted to hear from anyone who could identify the subject.

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