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How to remove scratches from polished wood


Here are some tips from an old time furniture restorer on how to remove a scratch on polished wood. Not for the faint hearted! This procedure is recommended for deep scratches - minor ones can always be filled with wax. The assumption is that anyone embarking on this procedure should have basic DIY skills and [...]

Some guidance on buying antique furniture


1. Decide on what specific period you are interested in, and locate a specialist dealer accessible in your area. Check out any that are still in business after at least 30 years. I cannot stress how important this last aspect will be in protecting your interests. Reputation resulting from long term commitment is vital to [...]

“MARRIAGE” as a term used by antique dealers


'Marriage' means many things to many people but is almost an 'f' word in the Antiques Trade. A marriage can be defined as a decision by two halves to make public a happy relationship. In the Antiques Trade just the opposite applies, 'marriages' are contrived to deceive ! 'Marriages' in the Antiques Trade take place when [...]

Is it American ?


American ? Here are a few key points to look for. Is it American? This fine mahogany secretaire tall chest Ca. 1750 is without doubt English however it could well be a prototype for the American "Tall Chest attributed to Thomas Affleck 1740-1795 " in the New York Metropolitan Museum. Accession number 1975 91 Gallery 751. [...]

Dating Furniture By the Woods Used ( For beginners ).


It is important to grasp that often it is possible to date items of furniture according to the primary woods used. For example oak pre dates almost everything. Generally walnut follows oak with mahogany imported in quantity in around 1700, continuing right through the 19th and early 20th century. Of course one cannot be dogmatic [...]

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