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How can you tell what you are actually looking at?


Here at Box House Antiques we offer a fine example of an English 18th century mahogany secretaire bookcase/ china cabinet. Georgian period, made ca 1760. All very well... but how can a relatively inexperienced interested observer really know what he or she is looking at? Well, here are some tips and answers to our many [...]

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Starting to build a collection


This quite basic information is largely for the benefit of our younger group of client/collectors. This group is growing in number. We are introducing classic and sophisticated pieces of antique furniture and objects, with a degree of refinement, into their predominantly contemporary interiors. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Tips for a beginner: As a simple rule of thumb when [...]

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Fake or genuine?


Since my early days of dealing - which go back over 60 years - I have witnessed some incredibly talented fakers at work using what used to be called 'breakers'. For example: large Victorian wardrobes shamefully re-born as genuine 18th century library bookcases; later to appear illustrated in high-end catalogues; much to the dismay of [...]

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Some useful tips on how to establish the authenticity of Georgian multiple pedestal dining tables


Some useful tips on how to establish the authenticity of Georgian multiple pedestal dining tables. These observations are included thanks largely to conversations had back in the 1950's with old established dealers who often started their careers as young apprentice cabinet makers commissioned to create the numerous 'alterations' we encounter today: In all too many [...]

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Antiques Show


Generally speaking every town has its regular antiques show and antique market. These are mainly for amateurs and those new to the antique market. The T.V. Antiques Show The 'Antiques Roadshow' has gained a huge following recently with TV showbiz type presenters surrounding themselves with dealers selling antiques. They will evaluate people's antiques and have contestants [...]

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Antique Auctions


Many antique auctions are relative newcomers with the London Antique Auction Houses controlling much of the antique auctions business since their introduction of the highly controversial ‘Buyers Premium’ in the 1970s. You only need study an auctioneers catalogue small print and euphemisms used, to understand the potential pitfalls, an antique auction is a place only [...]

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Antique Shops


In the old days antique dealers and collectors used to mainly patronize antique shops. Well established antique shops were the only effective place to find antiques. Shops proliferated in the post war era with a huge growth in numbers starting up in the 1960s with many coming and going but always with a secure place [...]

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Antique Fairs


There are Antique Fairs almost every day country wide. The Grosvenor House Antique Fairs It took place every June since 1934 and was recognized as the best in the world. Dealers were selling antiques covering many categories, fine antique items, objets d’art, furniture, antiquities, items from antique archaeology, pictures, porcelain, sculpture, even some Egyptian furniture. [...]

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Antique Dealers


How to find reliable antique dealers? Once you start looking you'll find thousands under the general heading of " Antique Dealers ". Your task is to shortlist and optimize those most likely to produce the best results for you. Focus on antique dealers who have been established for at least 30 years or more. This [...]

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Antiques and humidity


Winter is approaching : With the onset of winter antique furniture may suffer in your centrally heated rooms. If you do not take some relatively easy precautions you may regret it! In the old days rooms were heated by fires. The draughts resulting from fireplaces meant the drawing in of plenty of moist air from [...]

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Waxing antiques


A pure and simple waxed finish for antique furniture is what we should aim for. Either you can buy your antique wax, or you can mix your own, which is the method I recommend. It takes a little time and effort but will produce the results you want. The only advantage to buying ready prepared [...]

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