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Earth Day – Shop Sustainably, Shop Antiques

A message from John and Winnie:

Hardly a day goes by without media references to the causes and effects of Global Warming. 

The latter gets its fair share with graphic coverage of colossal chunks of arctic ice tumbling into warming seas, and 80,000 acres (yes, eighty thousand) of forest disappearing daily worldwide, leaving people living in low-lying areas vulnerable to rising sea levels, losing their homes, livelihoods, and often their lives.

How is this relevant to the antique furniture trade?

Just take a look around your local new furniture retail shops to see a huge demand being met. This demand is aimed at people contemplating furnishing a new home and admiring new furniture made from new hardwoods. New is promoted as synonymous with desirable. 

Little focus is directed at the fact that antique furniture is totally environmentally friendly and in many cases surprisingly affordable. For instance, compare dining tables and chairs on offer in some antique shops. You will be in for a pleasant surprise, not only regarding the value for money, but you will be spared the shock that the moment you unwrap your new purchases you will find they are now worth perhaps 25% of what you paid. 

On the positive side, if you have bought from a reliable and experienced antique dealer you will reap the double benefit of enjoying the quality and aesthetic beauty of your purchases, as well as the potential for a profit when (in time) you might wish to sell. Quite apart from the fact that you have avoided adding to the 80,000 acres of daily worldwide deforestation.

Just try to find twelve beautiful Regency dining chairs for £3870 comparable to these on offer at

Or a lovely 12-seater solid mahogany dining table, made ca 1830, for £6850, to go en-suite with the chairs.

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