A personal message from Alex and John Maas of Box House Antiques


A personal message from Alex and John Maas of Box House Antiques:   Most of you will already be aware of the tremendously good value in purchasing antique furniture, particularly after a look around various Knightsbridge and West End furniture retailers.   More often than not antique furniture prices will be a fraction of their [...]

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Antique dealers with flair and good taste


Antique dealers with flair and good taste: Over the last 60 plus years we have seen many antique dealers come and go. This is inevitable for any small business, but particularly where a successful dealership depends on the owner's active and personal participation over a long period of time. There are many that we have [...]

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English Chinoiserie, japanning & lacquering.


www.boxhouse-antiques.comThe lacquered objects and screens brought back to Europe by the East India Company in the late 17th century created a demand for larger, more practical objects which shared the same colourful and highly decorative surfaces of their Eastern counterparts. In order to try to recreate the rich and highly finished effect of oriental lacquer work, European [...]

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Antique walnut furniture


"Queen Anne period English furniture epitomises the highest pinnacle of sophistication and good taste". I heard this time and time again from many long time friends, collectors and dealers in antiques.Furniture of this period was often veneered in walnut laid down on pine. It's a lot to ask for this combination to survive 300 years [...]

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Tea and tea caddies:


Tea drinking is most likely to have originated in China about 3500 years ago, for its perceived medicinal benefits. 'Taking tea' reached its zenith in England in the mid 17th and throughout the 18th centuries, when it became highly fashionable and ritualised among society's wealthy elite due to the extraordinarily high cost, not only of [...]

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Fake or genuine?


Since my early days of dealing - which go back over 60 years - I have witnessed some incredibly talented fakers at work using what used to be called 'breakers'. For example: large Victorian wardrobes shamefully re-born as genuine 18th century library bookcases; later to appear illustrated in high-end catalogues; much to the dismay of [...]

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Safe and efficient transport of valuable antiques, large or small. Guaranteed peace of mind using the experts. There are not many antiques businesses that can claim to have been using the same carriers for over 50, yes, fifty, consecutive years. Martin Brothers have been Box House Antiques' main carriers, and we think it fair to [...]


How to successfully buy antiques for sale on the internet


The main dilemma facing the internet buyer is one of trust and confidence. Here are some tips: 1. The antique shop should be long established, and the best ones are usually family run businesses. 2. They will have their reputation to protect, which was built up over many years. 3. The antique dealer will be [...]

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Some reflections on life in England during the 17th and 18th centuries


During the 17th century England became steadily richer. Trade and commerce expanded hugely. By the 17th century trade was an increasingly important part of the English economy. Meanwhile industries such as glass, brick making, iron smelting, coal mining and fine cabinetmaking all expanded rapidly. During the 17th century the status of merchants in society improved. People [...]

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How the antiques trade has changed​


​The late ​Monty Sainsbury​ of Bath was my mentor​ who started out as a 'runner' long before WW2. He told me in order to get the news he would as a boy run down to the local station and wait on the platform for the London train. The engine driver would slow down and shout [...]

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Do not allow your taste and good sense to be hi-jacked by any one


There are many large vested interests doing their best to dictate what constitutes good taste and sophistication in 2018. These powerful groups are determined to control the direction of the antiques market, trying to attract attention to their own ideas of ‘minimalism’ as well as their estimated values which are very often notably wide [...]

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