Some reflections on life in England during the 17th and 18th centuries


During the 17th century England became steadily richer. Trade and commerce expanded hugely. By the 17th century trade was an increasingly important part of the English economy. Meanwhile industries such as glass, brick making, iron smelting, coal mining and fine cabinetmaking all expanded rapidly. During the 17th century the status of merchants in society improved. People [...]

How the antiques trade has changed​


​The late ​Monty Sainsbury​ of Bath was my mentor​ who started out as a 'runner' long before WW2. He told me in order to get the news he would as a boy run down to the local station and wait on the platform for the London train. The engine driver would slow down and shout [...]

Do not allow your taste and good sense to be hi-jacked by any one


There are many large vested interests doing their best to dictate what constitutes good taste and sophistication in 2018. These powerful groups are determined to control the direction of the antiques market, trying to attract attention to their own ideas of ‘minimalism’ as well as their estimated values which are very often notably wide [...]

How to buy antiques:


The introduction of fine antiques into your home will lift your living environment to another level. You and your family will derive lasting enjoyment from the pieces you have acquired, and your taste will be admired by discerning friends, as well as your having made a shrewd long term investment. These items will very probably be valued by grateful generations to come.   "But [...]

Rolls Royce Centenary Alpine Trial 2013


Antique collectors and dealers (of cars or works of art) have one thing in common - namely an eye for quality and rarity. Limited Edition Ghosts Box House Antiques owner John Maas had the good fortune to be a guest along with the 20 Royce Ghost Club on the 2013 Alpine Rally sponsored by [...]

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