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The evolution of the antique dealer/collector


It is interesting to speculate as to how antique dealers and collectors evolve. Most do so through a long family tradition of being encouraged at an early age to appreciate beautiful things. As a guest on last summer’s Rolls Royce 20-Ghost Club Tour of Poland I was reminded of the parallels between owners of these [...]

Some useful tips on how to establish the authenticity of Georgian multiple pedestal dining tables


Some useful tips on how to establish the authenticity of Georgian multiple pedestal dining tables. These observations are included thanks largely to conversations had back in the 1950's with old established dealers who often started their careers as young apprentice cabinet makers commissioned to create the numerous 'alterations' we encounter today: In all too many [...]

Fine English William & Mary period walnut and marquetry furniture


Fine English William and Mary period walnut and marquetry furniture. Seaweed marquetry is usually associated with Dutch master cabinet makers working in the latter half of the 17th century. However some early Italian pieces display a cruder form of seaweed marquetry.  Furniture made in England will have certain distinguishing features whilst always demonstrating the close links that existed [...]

Antique Bureaux – A Brief history


A brief history of antique bureaux Antique bureaux are pieces of furniture which always have a writing function. More usually referred to in England as a 'fall front' bureau. Originally it was a simple box with sloping, hinged lid which had evolved from a 'bible box'. This was transformed later into a writing slope on legs or [...]

Antique Dressers – A brief history


A brief history of antique dressers Antique dressers first appeared in the mid-17th century replacing plain storage cupboards and separate plate racks fixed to a wall. The dresser initially was destined for the kitchen and servants area. Later the better examples have been up graded to many a hallway and dining room. Quite apart from [...]

Antique Chests – a brief history


Any medieval household  in England would have possessed at least one antique chest. Large houses would have had many. They were used mainly for storage of linen, clothes and documents. Some functioned as strong boxes to store valuables. Sometimes they featured iron carrying handles so that they could easily be taken on journeys . They would have had [...]

Antique Pictures


Antique pictures created by humans date from pre-history, some cave examples date from 40,000 BC. Probably most at that time were associated with tribal rituals. Few early paintings survive, some for example on Roman murals and on Greek Attic vases. Medieval and early European painting focused largely on religion. During the Renaissance in Italy, 14th [...]

History of the Plague, The Crossrail find and the Plague Pan


As an antique dealer I am most interested in history including the history of the plague. One of the rarest items in my collection is a steel handled plague pan with a hinged,  perforated lid. It has an intriguing Latin inscription that has so far eluded successful translation. A Brief History of the Plague [...]

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