A personal message from Alex and John Maas of Box House Antiques:
Most of you will already be aware of the tremendously good value in purchasing antique furniture, particularly after a look around various Knightsbridge and West End furniture retailers.
More often than not antique furniture prices will be a fraction of their modern equivalent. Then just try to re-sell your modern chairs and you may well be in for a painful shock.
We would also like to remind you of the ‘green’ aspect of buying period furniture, more appropriate now than ever before. 

The carbon footprint of antique furniture is but an infinitesimal fraction of that left by comparable modern items, some of which continue to be made from endangered exotic hardwoods extracted from declining forests.

It is well to remember that carefully chosen, authentic, high quality antique furniture – from an established dealer – will hold its value over time, and add style, comfort and sophistication to your interior.

Alex Mass – Box House Antiques

Alex Mass - BoxHouse Antiques

Alex Mass – BoxHouse Antiques