Box House Antiques

Antiques Show

Generally speaking every town has its regular antiques show and antique market.

These are mainly for amateurs and those new to the antique market.

The T.V. Antiques Show

The ‘Antiques Roadshow’ has gained a huge following recently with TV showbiz type presenters surrounding themselves with dealers selling antiques. They will evaluate people’s antiques and have contestants guessing values and participating in an auction.

So we see the antiques show as more of a bit of light entertainment and fun rather than a place to look for serious items.

Another type of antiques show are those put on by provincial museums in order to present some of their historical exhibits. This can be very rewarding as a chance to get close to items normally held in glass display cabinets. We encourage any and all interest in objects throughout history and these shows are a lot of fun and of great interest. Not all the business of antique collecting has to be at the top end of the market.