Box House Antiques

Do not allow your taste and good sense to be hi-jacked by any one

There are many large vested interests doing their best to dictate what constitutes good taste and sophistication in 2018. These powerful groups are determined to control the direction of the antiques market, trying to attract attention to their own ideas of ‘minimalism’ as well as their estimated values which are very often notably wide of the mark.

Your most well informed source for guidance is the professional established dealer with a track record built up over many years, with a real hands-on acquired depth of understanding of the market.

Every sophisticated interior should ideally have at least one example of an authentic piece of antique furniture.
As established dealers at Box House Antiques, we go back a long way, and through our years of experience we can guarantee you authenticity and value for your hard-earned cash. N.b. We joined the British Antique Dealer’s Association in 1972.

For further details we invite you to our website All enquiries are dealt with on a personal and confidential level, and all stock items are owned exclusively by us.

We offer no pages of small print, nor get-out clauses, nor euphemisms in any of our descriptions, nor any hidden fees/ commissions, nor statements of opinion – just plain facts. Remember there can be a carefully concealed on-cost of up to 40% when buying at auction.