Box House Antiques

How to buy antiques:

The introduction of fine antiques into your home will lift your living environment to another level. You and your family will derive lasting enjoyment from the pieces you have acquired, and your taste will be admired by discerning friends, as well as your having made a shrewd long term investment. These items will very probably be valued by grateful generations to come.


“But how do I find genuine antique pieces which fit my aspirations?”


Will it be an antique tallboy, antique bookcase, antique chest, antique set of chairs, antique dining table, antique japanned furniture, Queen Anne walnut, antique longcase clock?


Chippendale, Sheraton, Hepplewhite, 17th, 18th or 19th century… How will I know? Then there is the knowledge required to recognize period construction techniques, not forgetting spotting fakes and deciding on permissible levels of restoration. All this can only be gained after many years of study, observation, buying and selling, and all conducted on a daily basis.


Most people cannot possibly be expected to be qualified to judge authenticity and quality in what has become a vast, distant antiques cyber market place due to the internet which is hugely impersonal, to say the least.


Collectors should consult an established dealer for advice and guidance. Collecting fine antiques should not be a frivolous, theatrical matter as it can be on numerous TV programmes.

Good things don’t come cheap so you’ll want to be sure of what you are spending your hard earned cash on. Collecting should be fun, but you will also need to tread carefully.


Here are a few tips on how to proceed:


  1. Always buy from a long established antiques dealer. Being long established means s/he will have been in business for at least 30 yearsand want probably to remain so for another thirty. Continuity in business implies solid knowledge and, above all, integrity.


 In 2017 will be celebrating 60 years in business.


  1. Form a relationship with your selected dealer and don’t be afraid of asking questions. S/he will be only too pleased to oblige. If not, we would recommend you would look elsewhere.

Solid relationships can without doubt be developed from the internet, followed up by increasing close co-operation and trust.


  1. Buying at auction can be a minefield for the unwary or inexperienced. Goods can be very loosely described. By contrast an established dealer’s expertise is the result of many years of hard earned experience developing substantial knowledge, which will translate into very well informed descriptions of what is being offered . Well established dealers do not resort to the sorts of disclaimers and euphemisms one might find in the small print of an auction catalogue.

You will benefit from the well established dealer’s experience and guidance on offer.