Large 19th century Rattanakosin gilt bronze Buddha figure


Large 19th century Rattanakosin period gilt bronze Buddha figure. RESERVED.

H: 59 cm
W: 50 cm
D: 25 cm

BHA 1029

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A large antique gilt bronze Buddha statue of the Rattanakosin period (1782-1932). 19th century.

In the Bhumisparsha mudra (posture), seated on a multi-tiered plinth with traces of original red lacquer.
This serene figure also retains most of its original gilding. In excellent condition overall.

A mudra is a gesture/ posture conveying special meanings, and commemorates a few of the important moments in Buddha’s life. One of the most popular mudras depicted in Buddha statues is the Bhumisparsha, translated as the ”earth touching” or ”earth worship” gesture.

Due to the recent prohibition of the export of Buddha images from Asia, these iconic bronze sculptures are becoming much more difficult to source, as such with significant increase in values.